Wednesday, January 18, 2006

IRAN vs the West

IRAN vs. the West

First – let’s assume that we all want to WIN THIS WAR.  Discussions on yesterday that haven’t got anything to do with winning will be summarily dismissed.

We have the strategic position - on both flanks.  Why are we not talking about what we DO have in our favor - not hand-wringing.  Yes, we all know that position is only one of many considerations.  But, it is a start on how we use it to further our goals politically or militarily.

Is it because we are scared politically?  What a bunch of wimps we have become when we cannot plan and EXECUTE when our way of life (or our children’s) is threatened.

Is it because we cannot perform militarily?  Haven’t we planned for 60 years on a 2-front war scenario as the de facto bottom line for our military?

Or is it because the American voter still doesn’t believe that we are at war?  Who is to blame for that?  No, don’t give our current administration a pass on that one – they have the responsibility (along with Congress) and seem to be either inept or un-willing to perform this duty.


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